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Dallas Crossing Highlights

Rental Rate

$ 18.50 sq. foot / year


65,853 in 5-mile radius


$ 66,152 in 5-mile radius


Dallas Crossing Details

Dallas Crossing features highly visible store fronts from State Route 6 (US-278 / Jimmy Campbell Pkwy) and GA-61.

Located in a high growth area, very recently remodeled, and updated with new landscaping, it is the only available, leasable retail, office, restaurant, and medical space at the intersection of State Route 6 and GA-61.

Dallas Crosing is located at the same instersection as Kroger, QuikTrip, Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Taco Bell, Ruby Tuesday, and Chattahoochee Tech School. It is less than a 5 minute drive to the new $90 million dollar Wellstar Paulding Hospital and less than a 15 minute drive from Paulding County Airport.

Dallas Crossing also features four onsite, leasable billboards (14 x 48 ft) for advertising your business.

Dallas Crossing tenants include:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • DSI Dialysis
  • DALLAS CROSSING 500 Nathan Dean Blvd, Dallas, GA 30157
  • Building Size: 14,400 SF
  • Max Contiguous Space: 6,000 SF
  • Space Available: 1,200 - 6,000 SF
  • Rental Rate: $18.50/SF/Year
  • US-278 Traffic: 25,000 to 36,000 vehicles per day
  • GA-61 Traffic: 18,300 to 18,500 vehicles per day

Demographic Details

Demgraphics 1-Mile 3-Mile 5-Mile
Population 1,825 24,251 65,853
Average Household Income $ 56,125 $ 62,187 $ 66,152

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About Dallas Georgia and Paulding County

Dallas, Georgia is the seat of Paulding County on the outer edge of metropolitan Atlanta.

Paulding county lies about 40 miles west of the city of Atlanta, but the county is one of the lesser developed parts of the metropolitan area. Paulding County is increasing in growth every year, but Paulding County maintains a certain rural feeling that you cannot find this close to the city. Dallas has grown faster than any other part of the county, and the city is connected to Marietta via Barrett Parkway.

Its Larger Neighbor

Paulding County sits west of Cobb County, and Cobb County is one of the largest counties in the state. The seat of Cobb County in Marietta is connected to Paulding County via Barrett Parkway, and residents of Paulding County can make their way into the city using just one road. Barrett Parkway takes Paulding County residents to interstate 75 and 575, and Town Center Mall is located on the same road. Paulding County is growing, but its residents have easy access to many beautiful areas of metro Atlanta.

Historic Areas

Paulding County is home to historic areas that are left over from the Civil War, and the most famous of this is the Pickett's Mill battlefield. Sherman's troops entered the Atlanta area on their march to the sea, and troops did battle in this part of Paulding County. Pickett's Mill is preserved well, and there are fortifications in the area that you can view to this day. You are living in the midst of history, and Paulding County's rural developments have kept this battlefield relatively untouched.

Paulding County itself is a treasure trove of beautiful farms and developed areas. You may move into a new neighborhood, or you may move next door to a local farm that allows you to pick berries every summer. Paulding County has a wonderful balance of rural living and suburban life that is perfect for your family.

The Areas to the West

Moving to Paulding County places you west of the city of Atlanta, and you are far from the traffic that clogs the city every day. Your home is in a nice place that sits close to an urbanized county next door, but the areas to the west are completely rural. Your home will sit near areas that lie close to the state of Alabama, and there are several small towns west of Dallas that will welcome you on short road trips. Your family could spend every weekend in a different small town, and you will enjoy living in an area untouched by the big city.

Dallas' Rapid Growth

Dallas is the fastest growing city in the county, and there are large developments going up in Dallas every day. There is a lovely outlet mall in Dallas, a nice outdoor mall and several new restaurants appearing every year. You are very close to an urban center that is not too busy, and you will enjoy leaving your rural home to find the developed areas in Dallas.

Dallas is becoming a popular address in the Atlanta area. Dallas is the sort of place where you can raise a family, and you will have plenty of room to breathe when you get off work for the weekend. Drive through Cobb County to beautiful Dallas, and you will fund the rural lifestyle that is missing from the rest of Atlanta.

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